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Balanced Securities Limited continues to successfully issue secured note securities and make loans secured by first mortgages over real estate assets.

Australian Executor Trustees Limited holds a charge over all the assets of the Company as trustee for the investors. An indication of the level of security which this provides is given by the amount of the Companyıs equity capital which as at 30 June 2018 exceeded $102 million.

For the purpose of updating information in relation to Balanced Securities Limited Secured Notes, the Company may update investors and prospective investors in its Secured Notes, through notices published on this website.

Contact us on 1300 135 077 for a copy of the prospectus.

The Company holds an AFS Licence allowing it to issue the secured notes and provide general product advice in relation to the secured notes. The Company is not licenced to and does not provide personal advice: whether financial, taxation, or legal concerning the secured notes. Offers to subscribe for secured notes are contained in the Prospectus dated 20 December 2017 and applications can only be made on the application form in the Prospectus. Click here for further information on disclaimers.

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